Sunday, February 26, 2017

Investor invested, Consumer consumed

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In the interests of balance and completion, it does to go high and low, good and bad. While you are unlikely to become either an usher or a neurologist for the money, it is useful to know the value society places on different occupations: a pharmacy assistant and a veterinary nurse are working in the broader healthcare field that profits pathologists and pharmaceutical giants like McKesson.

In the same spirit I began to wonder how companies figured in the absence of those features like stocks and bonds and inventory capital. Sure, you have bankruptcies and failed ventures but - just as the "commodities" links on those super companies don't always indicate that the they deal in commodities - a scan over absence may reveal

For instance, ASIC warns you of the unlicensed companies you shouldn't deal with.

Both Fortune and Investopedia advise us that it is better to separate the roles of Chairman and CEO though blue chips persist in combining them

The Finance Base list the advantages and disadvantages of issuing bonds to raise capital.

Capshare blog on why private companies don't need to issue stock certificates. from the US giving a detailed rundown on the issuing of stocks; why companies offer them and why we invest.

Yahoo on the same search reminding us there are some very large companies that don't pay dividends

Lectlaw cautions that debentures carry risk

See what thinks of derivatives

A word on warrants straight from Stock Warrants HQ

If you ever got serious about investing - I could be talking to myself here - you'd be forever taking notes

There's the grind of trading in futures

What were we saying about commodities?
What options are there?

An overview of trusts in Australia

All aboard for fund time

Cuffelinks asks us not to judge all small companies by their poor index returns
Australian health food companies doing well on the stock exchange

Companies with no revenue still valued highly! A holding company with no operating income
Re-bursting the dot com bubble to illustrate companies with no profit, no equity or no assets (but presumably, for a time, still had reasonable brand value to attract the unwise investments)


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