Friday, June 24, 2016

Let's run through the figures

I don't know how enterprising you are but, chances are, we are a long way off starting or heading a company with a market cap of 586 billion dollars. That doesn't mean we can't learn from Tim Cook or the legacy of Steve Jobs.

Contemplating having $3,420.3 billion dollars in assets without a large swathe of the population elsewhere knowing much, if anything, about ICBC. That's sneaking under the radar, bankster style

$53.7 billion profit and the brand is pervasive. Fascinating that common words like apple keep bobbing up; the Beatles having also used it. In the newest financial year figures, Google is under the new spread moniker Alphabet, and Facebook and Amazon Inc have made an entrance into the top ten public companies.

$482.1 billion in sales and you so walmart
$14.7 billion of that taken as profit and you still walmart


What exactly are the sort of assets held by China Construction Bank?
Why has no one mentioned Fannie Mae?

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