Saturday, June 27, 2015

What Business is it of Yours?

We may decry the reductionism that defines the Right wing viewpoint; the attacks on agents that only seem to promote the enemy, but we do the same with our targets. Business becomes its chief exponents; the Murdochs and Packers, BHP, the West Australian mining oligarchs. We decide to turn our back on it because of the way they manipulate our conditions and our conditioning. But business is everywhere.

Stopping in to buy a loaf of bread and litre of milk, regardless of whether you are off to work for the police force or school, involves extensive industry: wheat and dairy farmers - often from different areas, flour mill, (literal) salt mine, milk company, cardboard manufacturers, bread tag makers. Then there's all the other primary producers responsible for pumpkin seeds and poppy seeds and whatever other new ingredients bread consumers are lining up for. There's bakers and truck driving outfits. Not to mention the supermarket, general store or servo you are buying them from.

It is not that strange that newspapers have a business section.

We've seen that business magazines retain the interest of the readership and trade journals would have no reason to exist without the commerce and salesmanship they document. Business schools see to it that knowing how to market those inventions and discoveries is covered.

Business newsletters may be more popular than sports newsletters though it's probably a close thing.


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