Sunday, June 21, 2015

News to me

While current events and the impact they have on the reader drive the material that will appear in newspapers, there are three positions the print media could take to sway public opinion: one that even mentions the proposed windfarm commissioner, one that digs up old dealings of the Opposition Leader or addresses the breaking news with a spin that paints him as weak (and lets the government carry on), or, finally, the extent to which the leader of the third force, the Greens, is compromised.

It's possible to want to cover any issue from a number of standpoints but there is some bias always. It's a strange kind of one that says "Well, we'll criticise the Trans Pacific Partnership and you see if Labor ever paid people smugglers"
It's one thing to know when an issue has blown up, quite another to dictate how it will be covered.

There are no shortage of magazine examples of simply a crowded marketplace with everyone trying to do the same thing with varying results.

You would hope that journals moderate their discoveries to fit with the work of other researchers. But I don't suppose there's any prohibition on simultaneous similar findings. As long as there is no plagiarism involved.

And the news in newsletter?


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