Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cover, up

You've heard the expression "Hold the front page" and this indicates the immediacy of news stories. Whether it is the headline, the photograph/image, the substance of the main article; what appears on the front page of the newspaper is based on its importance.

The news that the government paid, in their own rhetoric "evil", people smugglers is of this magnitude. No self-respecting editorial team will let a story like that go by. The same applies to news of Australian nationals being killed by firing squad.

No doubt there's enough people on electronic media willing to declaim on too much focus on Indonesia, on Australia-Indonesian relations, on drug smugglers, on our ambassador or foreign minister. This is babble. Newspapers, even the ones habited by hacks, know what the story of the day is.

The purpose of a magazine cover or a journal cover is a matter of intent: a bridal magazine takes a different approach to a bridle one.

Newsletters display their content from the outset


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