Sunday, March 30, 2014


598,200 citizens, that's the same population as Taiz in Yemen, but this is in 29 and a half square kilometres. Ta'izz, as it iz also known, is 10,677 kmĀ²
Macau is a dependent territory, included in with countries when counting population, it is down at 168th in terms of population size.

Then there is Vatican City which is positively tiny in population. Along with Monaco - the micro states aren't known for their numbers so much as the way they pack them in.

China has 142 people per square km. This is the same as The Gambia and Cyprus. Gambia has a population of 1.791 million, Cyprus 1.129 million. That's million, not billion.

China and Russia are very large countries with large natural features so there are deserts and forests to escape people. Given Bangladesh's placement in both measures, it is the land most likely to be full of people.

In fact, that's what this list below affirms. I still haven't got my head around what distinguishes the most populated countries: how is this determined in contrast to the countries with the highest population and those with the most inhabitants per square kilometre. It must be an amalgam to signify those countries that are both crowded and numerous, if that makes sense.

South Korea99,461505
Sri Lanka65,610309

Friday, March 28, 2014

A bit dense


Macau                                                                          20,069
Monaco                                                                        18,068
Singapore                                                                       7,666
Hong Kong                                                                     6,516
Gibraltar                                                                          4,250
Vatican City                                                                    1,818
Bahrain                                                                           1,631
Malta                                                                              1,321
Bermuda                                                                         1,212
Sint Maarten                                                                   1,101
Maldives                                                                         1,065

and running up no one's behind, Bangladesh

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


While China and India have had to take actions to reduce the size of their population and will remain the largest for some time, the figures are not static. In 2006 Russia and Bangladesh had swapped places (or they've swapped places now, if we're to observe time's arrow) and Vietnam was the runner-up, not the Philippines. In addition, while China remains the crowd(ed) favourite, it is not projected to increase its population at the same rate as India. In fact, it will have less people than it does now.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Many more

The most populous places are

China                                                                         1,363,440,000
India                                                                          1,241,820,000
United States                                                                317,734,000
Indonesia                                                                      249,866,000
Brazil                                                                            201,032,714
Pakistan                                                                        185,960,000
Nigeria                                                                          173,615,000
Bangladesh                                                                    152,518,015
Russia                                                                           143,700,000
Japan                                                                            127,120,000
Mexico                                                                         119,713,203

That makes eleven countries but these are the nations that have over a hundred million people. Philippines is just under.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Weighting for the man

It was said that the Velvet Underground and Nico didn't sell many copies but everyone who did listen to it, started a band. You couldn't hope for a better legacy I think; especially given the calibre of bands that formed and the influence they, in turn, had.

'Sweet Jane' was the song that Carl and Peter chose for me to practice in the first band I "joined" The Butterflies. Made hard by the fact that Lou Reed performed his songs differently each time. I also had the Lou Reed anthology when I was a teenager. A double album that, I'm sure, had some impact on my lyrical development (inbetween the Elvis Costello worship)