Thursday, July 25, 2013

Observing Customs

So what happened in 1956 when "Black Jack" McEwen eschewed customs to take on long term trading? His fellow conservative followed Neil O'Sullivan, becoming Minister for Customs and Excise. This was the position held by Frederick Osborne, Denham Henty, Ken Anderson, Malcolm Scott, Don Chipp, Gough Whitlam, Lionel Murphy, and Kep Enderby.

Enderby, Jim Cavanagh, and Ivor Greenwood took a title unique to the year 1975: Minister for Police and Customs. Put it down to the Whitlam Years.  When the caretaker government of Malcolm Fraser came in, a chap by the name of John Howard was made Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs, a name that saw the casting out of customs.

Customs must have fallen out of vogue as it did not appear as part of the name for thirteen years and then featured spasmodically.

Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs: Howard, Wal Fife, Victor Garland, John Moore, Neil Brown.
Minister for Industry and Commerce: Phillip Lynch, Andrew Peacock, John Button.
Minister for Industry, Technology and Commerce: Button
Minister for Science, Customs and Small Business: Barry Jones
Minister for Small Business and Customs: David Beddall
Minister for Small Business, Construction and Customs:  Beddall
Minister for Industry, Technology and Regional Development: Alan Griffiths, Peter Cook
Minister for Small Business, Customs and Construction: Chris Schacht
Minister for Small Business and Consumer Affairs: Geoff Prosser
Minister for Customs and Consumer Affairs: Chris Ellison, Warren Truss
Minister for Justice and Customs: Amanda Vanstone, Ellison, David Johnston
Minister for Home Affairs: Bob Debus, Brendan O'Connor, Jason Clare


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