Sunday, February 10, 2013

Isle, sea: about that

Again not considering the continental landmass, here are the ten largest island countries

  1. Indonesia 1,904,569 sq km yes, they may not be setting off an invasion force but the islands of Indonesia challenge us on another front. 
  2. Madagascar 587,713 sq km known for its lemurs
  3. Papua New Guinea 462,840 sq km (note the appellation)
  4. Japan 372,801 sq km known for its technology and its lack of natural resources that forces it to use nuclear power in an environment prone to earthquakes and tidal waves
  5. Malaysia 329,758 sq km is many things but an offshore processing centre, I think not, whatever its proximity to our waters
  6. Philippines 300,000 sq km is long recovered from dictatorship and has become a source of amour for our lovelorn
  7. New Zealand 269,057 sq km is another island neighbour. We seem to have a few.
  8. Great Britain 229,957 sq km - the source notes the requirement to mention the complex arrangement of countries and counties that constitutes Great Britain. Many of us can trace our ancestry to this island country.
  9. Cuba 110,861 sq km long the demon bogie with its Communism unsupported since the collapse of the Soviet Union; still it persists
  10. Iceland 103,000 sq km source of the ethereal, at least going by their musical acts


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