Monday, February 27, 2012


The reason I blog is because it is a vehicle of a particular shape. Tweets are fleeting, Twitter flits by. Not all your links will endure and maybe those thoughts will begin to appear half baked as time and science show, but as a means of presenting an idea or series of ideas, it does the job.

Before the World Wide Web there was the Whole Earth Catalogue and its express aim was to log all the best resources in every area of endeavour and all branches of knowledge. It not only had me salivating over things I'd scarce thought to have an interest in, I took to their marvelous philosophy with great keenness and imagined my own career in records management, as it turns out.

While a blog is not the same as social media and instant messaging, it has its own features that don't (to me) render it obsolete.

Writers in various disciplines and habits of mind get to deliver their own unique viewpoint to a non-panting public. As long as they feel it passes muster, out it goes.

Touched By The Son is scarce constricted since it touches most often on general knowledge. It most often aligns itself against the forces of ignorance and makes no apologies for doing so. A victory bought on the back of deception is hollow indeed.