Saturday, August 20, 2011

Left with Crumb's

I guess I get angry when ignoramuses spoil the party. I don't mind people who know their stuff, having an opinion contrary to mine. That's a learning experience, hopefully for all.

But when a bunch of ideologues light on something smarter folk have known about for years. Gee, you didn't know that Robert Crumb is the premiere underground comix artist; his material eccentrically individual and highly libidinous. If you knew this and had long been on the trail of Crumb's then, fine, Fritz the Cat ain't your granddaddy's Felix.
 But that and a knowledge of even the barest Crumbs: the many issues he drew of that renowned autobiographical comic magazine, Harvey Pekar's American Splendour,  in the film listings, the biography of one R Crumb. If all this draws a blank then you are not qualified to make pronouncements on his work or his character. You can fuck off.

The rest of us will keep on truckin'


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