Monday, December 13, 2010


Any fellow bloggers checked out your stats? It's weird when you can see where your viewers are and some of the sources that direct people to your site. There's nothing engineered about it from my perspective as I was just as surprised as anyone.

A hen's party site is directing traffic to my blog. Why?

I'm finding it hard to wean myself from fuming indignant over Right wing American blogs. I know I should learn to celebrate all the good things going on in the world since Obama started mucking in and fixing up the nightmare Bush created, but the whole tea party thing is distracting. And then there's the fact that US-watching is fraught at the best of times. I envy those who can enjoy the pop culture without buying into the politics

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Baillieu straw poll

Another narrow election. There's a pattern of real democratic outcomes breaking out all over. This time it's the conservative side that has the narrow victory, but I'm not partisan about this. The increase in Greens votes and the general trends to swing over issues and performance are healthy.

But what of the man of the hour? I looked him up, DIB style, and found he was already renowned as a teetotaler. The list is long enough and varied enough not to expect that he's been included to boost numbers.

I don't think Brumby was brilliant and I'm more concerned for Labor to stay in at the federal level.