Saturday, October 24, 2009

Juvenile fenestration

If you see the world as the site of random events, and your life as a biological event that has but a limited hold on this plane, then you won't be interested in observing the patterns that suddenly start to occur. Now I'm not going near those houses that held young girls captive for years.

Although it says something about (post)modern society that this can go unnoticed in the neighbourhood for so long, I am more immediately fascinated by the incidence of small children falling out of the windows of a block of flats (or apartments, if you will). I am trying to figure out why you would have a toddler playing near an open window when there's no balcony and there's concrete below. It's a bad design to begin with, but there's that thing about allowing for your environment.
If someone reading this had a flimsy fly screen that a youngster plunged through, then I apologise for my insensitivity but, you know, we've only just gotten over the string of children being left in cars while their mother's gamble, is it really time for more neglect?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This: 'posers' the question

I pass this gem on without comment.