Saturday, September 13, 2008


You may be wondering why it's taken me a week to gloat. No reason really. I was going to post last week.

I am glad we have seen a few more notorious ministers take a tumble, not least power sellouts Premier Iemma and Treasurer Costa but I heard that Frank Sartor has also hatched his last development scheme.

Heady days for people who don't approve. Not that there's any joy in seeing the procession of spectacles that yer contemporary NSW Labor Right member get themselves caught up in, as I'm not fond of conservative rule.

The rate of ministerial sackings has accelerated to such an extent that the police minister lasted three days. Pretty soon they'll be being cleaning out their desks at the rate of a CERtaiN particle accelerator.

It's not just here either. the Western Australian premier, Alan Carpenter, is being forced to form a minority government, with the rural conservative National Party. Strange bedfellows and strange times we live in.

I'm glad that the NSW Labor Left are finally getting more of a look-in and I have some hopes for Nathan Rees, though he's got his work cut out for him.


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