Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Costa's Last Stand

As readers of this blog will know, I hate this guy:

Costa shows MPs the seat of power

Andrew West, Alexandra Smith and Brian Robins
August 27, 2008

MICHAEL COSTA has been threatening Labor MPs that their electorates will be starved of funding unless they support the Iemma Government's bid to privatise the power industry.

As the Government desperately tries to convince rebel MPs to back the legislation when it is introduced tomorrow, the Treasurer issued the ultimatum to a recent meeting of 100 Labor branch delegates at the Cessnock Rugby League Supporters Club in the Hunter, the former cabinet minister and Cessnock MP, Kerry Hickey, said last night.

"His words to us were: 'There would be no money for any person who opposed the sale'," Mr Hickey said. "I have 100 delegates who will vouch for me. Mate, this is too good to make up."

One of the delegates, the Cessnock City Councillor Catherine Parsons, confirmed Mr Hickey's account and said that after Mr Costa's comment, she leaned over to her husband, a local ALP stalwart, and said: "Whoa, that sounds like a threat."

The Treasurer overheard her and replied: "No, it's a promise."


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