Saturday, December 01, 2007

A not so sorry Opposition

Malcolm Turnbull was my choice for Opposition Leader - we must have one you know - as representing a considered approach to the position and to his role in rebuilding. Because it's such a party of dirty tricks he ended up being steamrolled for suggesting that [they/the departing government] should have said sorry to indigenous Australians.

You've got to think, in the wake of the NT invasion debacle, that that's not going to play as a particularly positive reason for swaying the numbers.

I suppose the backroom recriminations began as early as Peter Costello's decision not to take his place as the anointed one the day after the election. Tony Abbott kicked himself out of contention before there was a change of government by being rude to a dying asbestos sufferer. An appropriate way for the 'Mad Monk' to fall on his staff.
Just to really dig the knife in, and twist the blade, PM-elect Kevin Rudd did a u-beaut Aussie tribute to the man in his victory speech.

While the best reason for NOT voting Brendan Nelson lies unexamined.


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