Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wrought at least

And in danger of becoming over wrought. I can't update my paid website because I can't get in when I'm at home. Loading broadband punched out a number of Windows files and I can't reload them because I don't have the Windows 98 disk with which to do it.

Methinks it might just be time to upgrade my system. I have an old PS2 so the question is whether I upgrade to 512MB RAM (I'm currently on 128, which is now all but laughable) and load the latest Windows on there (no trouble with that part as I can get a cheap version through uni) or whether my system is now dodge and I should just buy a new pc. When I think of all the things that come packaged in quite cheap systems, like DVD burner, all-in-one printer/fax/photocopier, it might just be worth going that route.

Also wanting a new workable system as I can't load my MP3

Monday, January 08, 2007

Why are you reading?

If I refer to Bill Hicks a few times over succeeding blog entries, it's because he blew me away with how fearlessly 'right on' he was. This entry is an answer to the waffle waitress who asked Bill not what he was reading, but why:

And these are just some of the common activities that we engage in - there are many more and each book you read has the potential to stimulate interest in some area. So, though Shane Warne and Elle may be proud of not reading, you're surely missing out if you don't.

Don't read you say? You're reading now!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Not the too-late-for-Boxing Day quiz 06

Nothing says 'I've got a life' quite like a paucity of Net activity. So I missed doing the Boxing Day quiz as I wasn't even logged into a computer for four or five days there.

But I might still do one and call it something different. It'll be topical to 2006 of course so you won't have to stretch your memory muscles too far

Happy New Year!

My plans are to get back into some regular exercise and lose the pod. This is the year I move in with my girlfriend and say goodbye to renting (you won't be missed). It's also the year my stepmother turns 60 so a trip over to WA is in the wings. And we're off to a concert at the winery - my first - where I get to add The Pretenders to my bow.