Monday, November 20, 2006

Comments firing

Just to let you know that you can still comment here. I don't have the word verification check but have elected to go instead with the 'moderate comments' option. You can come on here and call me a filthy swine and I'll publish that - the moderate function is only to keep spammers off here; I get enough of those mongrels in my e-mail without having them disrupting anarchy as well.

You can also find me on MySpace now. There my handle is writers_reign (yes the guy on The Critical Poet but, no, not the person on IMDB, whom I was unaware of until recently)
As this is a forum for musos, among others, I'm hoping to make some valuable contacts with people who want song lyrics specifically and snappy poetry or prose generally.


At 10:47 am , Blogger Sherry Pasquarello said...

hi grant, looked at your " my space" hard to believe you are 44!

you are a cute one. nice picture tho the black and white is more poet/writer/artist like and very good.

anyway, thought i'd say hello and leave a comment. haven't been writing too much lately, or commenting. didn't think i could give the c&c the focus they deserved. as i mentioned on my blog i'm adjusting to some new meds. these are helping as opposed to that damn reglan i was given a few years back. i'm waiting for my muse to come back. hope it's soon. blessings, sherry

At 10:25 am , Blogger Berko Wills said...

Thanks Sherry, but they are both old photos. Figured that was okay as I used a current one when I was online dating and this is an idealised me on Web.

I'll add the current one soon.

Sorry you've been having medical problems. I've been having my own problems with PK as Yahoo e-mail has decided to block my postings and I'm not getting the ones that I send; be they comment or original post. Might have to upgrade to the new version and see if that helps.

cheer well


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