Tuesday, October 17, 2006

In this sedition

I urge you all to consider the war on terror as an expensive debacle and the continued imprisonment of David Hicks without trial as a direct attack on our sovereignty, and an act of treachery against this country and the democratic freedoms our forefathers and mothers fought for.

And, from Foreign Prisoner Support Service, Save a Life:

Some things you may not know about David Hicks:

  • he fought on the side of NATO and the UN when he was in Kosovo
  • he was not armed when he was detained
  • he was not shooting at American or Australian troops (or any others)
  • all others detained with him at the time were immediately released
  • he had his first phone call with his family in December 2002 - after two years imprisoment
  • his military lawyer, Major Mori, says he has almost no chance of a fair trial
  • his mental state is fragile and he has deteriorated physically
  • Major Mori is convinced he was not involved in any terrorist activities
  • he still has not formally been charged with ANYTHING
  • he has been in solitary confinement on and off since September 2003

For more information about his case please visit the website www.fairgofordavid.org

Fair Go for David seeks that:
. David Hicks be treated in accordance with the Geneva Conventions
. The law of Habeas Corpus be applied to David Hicks
. David Hicks be repatriated to Australia and given a fair civil trial, if charged with any crime/s
. Any other Australians in a similar situation to David Hicks be entitled to the same rights Contributions can be sent to: Fair Go For David, PO Box 634, PROSPECT EAST SA 5082.

And Philip Ruddock.. nice try, dickhead.


At 8:18 am , Blogger Iain said...

There are a couple of issues with David Hicks that won't be resolved by a write-in campaign-

The majority of Australians thinks he's guilty (of what? That's for the courts to decide) and we will not stand up to the US (under either a Liberal or Labour government.) Until people understand that there is an inherent hypocracy in a government that pushes citizenship as an issue (and raises the bar of entry) but won't do shit to protect their citizens overseas (unless they're drug mules) David Hicks will remain in Guantanamo

At 9:27 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9:56 am , Blogger Berko Wills said...

I fear you're right, Iain.

'The majority of Australians' really need to wake up to themselves if they think that the treatment of David Hicks is in any way fair.

btw the commments moderation works a treat. thanks for your assist on that one.

Berko 'anti-Guantanamo' Wills

At 1:53 pm , Blogger Iain said...

Sorry to say, some more spam got in.

At 2:47 am , Blogger Berko Wills said...

Update: there may yet be hope; at least as far as the Australian public is concerned

At 5:07 am , Blogger Berko Wills said...

Sorry to say, some more spam got in.

Oh, you like the pastiche? :-)

At 1:39 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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