Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Boxed in

Because I was boarding away and had yet to discover the joys of premarital sex and illicit drug use, I got involved in a number of different things during high school. Boxing wasn't particularly enjoyable and I really don't know what I was thinking of, taking it up. Apart from the inherent hazards there was also the memorable time when we were jogging round the block to warm up and I - shortsighted and not wearing glasses - thought the guy in front of me was going a bit slow. I promptly ran straight into a lamppost!

Whether it was the humiliation of being endlessly ragged about this, or just the fact that there was a more than adequate supply of biffo in our daily lives without going looking for it, but I didn't last long in that pursuit. So I switched to karate!!! At first I was taking instruction from Dean Bullock, who had a reputation as a bit of a bullshit artist so I don't know if I was getting the good oil or not, but I looked for more professional instruction when the punching bag I was laying into at the pavilion came off and the hook went into my hand (yes it's funny that I managed to hurt myself in fighting arts without even going toe to toe with anyone) The instructor in town was only a blue belt but that was fine as I didn't last long there either.
I think the only things I did stick with, besides hockey, were arty in nature.


At 7:47 am , Blogger Sherry Pasquarello said...

i had to play field hockey in high school! now there's a nasty sport when it involves high school girls! nasty to the 10th power with sticks!
i like boxing, watching, not hitting.
lamp posts, been there/done that, painful and embarassing (almost as embarassing as writing a crappy poem, been there/done that, often! ha!)
take care, be well.


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