Tuesday, December 27, 2005

'Tis the seizin'

for the fourth Touched By The Season quiz in which we attempt to question all kinds of things about the year 2005 (I heard someone call it 'twenty-o-five' the other day). I looked back at last year's entry for inspiration and was confronted with a statement about natural disasters and terrorism so it appears not much has changed on that score. We've had more hostages and more celeb silliness, with their interminible changing of partners.

Oh well I'll do my best:

  • What banner appeared to label President Bush in a humorous, and some would say appropriate, way at a media conference this year?
  • Which royal kicked the bucket this year?
  • The discovery of soft tissue of which dinosaur will 'provide a gold mine of information about the physiology of dinosaurs'?
  • What was the (English) name of the German film that, sixty years later, finally dealt with Germany under Hitler?
  • Which of the energy drinks hosts a music academy and which 'home of grunge' did they reach this year?
  • Privatisation continues. A costly tunnel created in a deal with a private company has caused consternation at which State government?
  • What exciting occurence happened on the Australian Who Wants to be a Millionaire? this year?
  • What happened to the piece of shit song Wasabi by Australian Idol contestant Lee Harding?
  • Which video game was briefly taken off the market because of a hidden sex scene?
  • Name the entertainment reporter who asked Jake Gylenhaal what he thought of winning the Oscar for Donnie Darko last year.

  1. ayep
  2. craps game
  3. you're my main man
  4. one man's vision
  5. gives you wings
  6. fretting over your own admission
  7. Coach to victory, followed by Flood
  8. What else? It went to number one
  9. cos the overt violence wouldn't do it
  10. He means his foot.
    And as a bonus, a review of the 2005 Logie Awards


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