Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Slapped with a babelfish

Oh дорогой, я имею ощупывание которое единственная причина я имеет поэтому много анти-klimaksov в моей жизни влюбленности так, что я смогу написать о ем. Muse жестокосердн для того чтобы быть добросердечен.

Si c'est le MUSE qui remplit de combustible mon manque de justesse romantique alors est elle également une violette craintive, parce que les jours s'écoulent et je ne peux pas pousser ma poésie et chansons à un public de halètement.

Schaue ich zurück an diesen Feiertagen als Erfolg, weil ich ein anderes Lied über lokalisierte Gefühl schrieb und das von aufpassendem Leben mich vorbei führen Sie?

Θα επιθυμούσατε να το ακούσετε; Πολύ καλά ..


Dreams bigger than my dimensions
Yet not as pretty as my pretensions
But if she's so effing effusive
Why is it all so elusive

Hardwired with herd wary, hide
It's safe if I keep it inside
Exacting as it is, exclusive
Why is it all so elusive

Now I'm narrowing the field
A limit to which I've appealed
And somehow still never made use of
Why is it all so elusive

(, weet ik het, is het ja, ja gelijkaardig in gevoel aan de ' Zaal van de Elleboog ' en een paar andere liederen naast maar dit wijst nauwkeurig op hoe ik niettemin voel)

Per voi veda, sopra queste feste, Angelie mi ha detto che ancora stia recuperando da un rapporto precedente, Kat ho lasciato appendere e la mia data con Kate ora sta sembrando improbabile.


At 2:14 am , Blogger Sherry Pasquarello said...

hi, i loved the "slapped with a babelfish" god, what a title!

the lines, bigger than my dimensions and exacting as it is exclusive, are real keepers.

At 3:46 pm , Blogger Berko Wills said...

thanks sherry, and a good crit as always. They are the best lines.

Here's a funny thing, the ol' Babel Fish is engaged in Chinese whispers (though my screen won't reproduce Chinese characters)as with this excerpt translated back from the French:

"If it is the MUSE which fills of fuel my lack of romantic accuracy then is it also an apprehensive violet, because the days are passed and I cannot push my poetry and songs with a public of halètement."

It burbles as it babbles and does not translate some of the words and I imagine if you kept going you would end up in some reductionist spiral! Not to mention that I have never had cause to utter a phrase or pen a clause that has anything to do with 'an apprehensive violet' nor pray I that I ever shall.

Amusing though.

At 3:57 pm , Blogger Berko Wills said...

I stand corrected, it appears to have stalled at:

"If it is the MUSE which sufficiencies of the fuel my lack of romantic exactitude is then him also an apprehensive violet, because the last days and me cannot push my poetry and songs with a public of halètement."

At 1:48 am , Blogger Sherry Pasquarello said...

ya know, it is an attention getting thing! i kinda like it, odd as it is. smiling!


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