Saturday, October 29, 2005

Marry, gold

So where are they now?

  • Dr Phil Spillman who even had me join a wine club for a while there, is now renowned in Australian viticulture circles.
  • Martin Oakenful is better known as Martin Moon and soon to record under the name Hugh Veldon.
  • Ross Campbell is a writer of note(s).
  • Richard Sowada consolidated his early training as an actor (he once officiated at our mock book launch dressed as Prince Charles) and distributor of cult underground movies with a run as director of WA's Revelation Film Festival.
  • Never met Joe Mansell but guessing this musician from Perth is the same guy.
  • Steve Kyme gets married.
  • The breakaway famous guy of the bunch, at least from a musical perspective, is Dom Mariani
  • Kim Williams had a shop, co-wrote the Scientists song Swampland
  • I'm pretty sure this is Pat Monaghan
  • Mark Hemery gets an enthusiastic mention in this Marigolds review.


At 8:45 pm , Blogger Berko Wills said...

Thanks Rod but I don't think there be much call for a turkey shoot in these parts.

Although Tub Thumper is our most likely Texas Turkey Hunter, I'm a-thinkin'


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