Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Trading traditions

I'm set up in my sell. My phonymalefacts number written down I'm on fire. Ideal, I deal. I set up the pitch, wind up the patrons, pestering pleasantly, I get my sail.

It's the only way I'll dig myself out of this ditch being a gargantuan gardnerian witch.

Out with the gnomes of Zurich Stones worn smooth

I'm in every aisle yule wheel
Do this thing together
I'm there at your convenience
In every kind of whether


At 11:07 pm , Blogger Sherry Pasquarello said...

blessings. clever post. i like your style. sherry

At 2:03 pm , Blogger Berko Wills said...

Thanks Sherry and Kenonymous (I can already speed read as I did Howard Berg's course but thanks)

Hey this place is hottin' up a little!

At 3:04 am , Blogger Sherry Pasquarello said...

see, you just never know what will grab someone's attention. i think you should post a poem or two. let people see your full range. ; ) i've been pushing the hell out of my blog and pawing through my poetry files!

At 1:32 am , Blogger Berko Wills said...

yes I like the look of your blog, Sherry, and the idea of guesting poets is good.

All my writing is as a poet but 'Touched' goes more the essay route; though I'll find some good excuses to wander into literary territory as well.

I did a song (that I posted on PK also)as a blog entry: One Vinyl Time. The benefit of doing it as a weblog piece is that I could have hyperlinks for the bands that are mentioned; even if that is telegraphing the wordplay a little.

In 'Postmodern Tension' the feature that wordprocessing copes best with is the footnotes: 'dwellers in the cave are no closer to Him' is a Plato reference but open to misinterpretation without that key.

At 4:38 am , Blogger Sherry Pasquarello said...

me again. i may post an essay or two on my blog. my rants are usually long enough to be essays if i slow my thoughts down enough to have some sort of form to them and not just a storm, ha! i'd love to post a poem of yours, or a song, on my blog. if you'd like you can send me one or two or more. either e-mail is o.k. my one from the list or the one that goes with my blog. if not, i understand.
i'm enjoying the freedom of a blog more and more. i find quotes that go with my poems, or find poems in my files and search for a quote or two. i can comment on my life or politics or even post a recipe. i want it to be personal.


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