Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Folk dancing, let's art

I don't know if this is still the case (I could quiz the kids I guess) but when I went to school, learning to dance was considered a legitimate part of the curriculum. Being an outback school, with Mrs Dease* on hand to play piano, we naturally learned traditional dancing.
I didn't enjoy it much; spent so much time concentrating on my moves and worried I'd fuck up that I didn't really get into it.
From memory (uh oh!) we learnt the barn dance, the Pride of Erin, the Durham Reel. And, no, I can't remember any of them. Since then I've become a wild out-of-control stomper. But I've had to reconsider that too as my most recent foray into dancefoolery to the strident beats of Red Bee left me a bit sore.

*actually she was probably more there to play those bush ballads we used to sing and, yes, I can still remember the words to Click Go The Shears!


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