Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Key powder veer

Okay trust the Aussie activist - never a flourishing or luxurious species at the best of times - to fuck it up. I actually thought there was some touch of genuine insight taking place but instead the protest is taking the same form as our political masters: bullshit thinking and mindless hostility.

The thing I've been indignant about with the whole targetting of our institutions by fundamentalist whackoffs is that they deliver blows against the wrong targets and make everything worse than if they've crumpled into an apathetic heap. Now we're copying them

So much for thinking I was impervious to 'the rodent's' chicanery: it turns out that there have - wait for it - 360 white powder scares since September 11, there is no evidence of what connection the recent scare at Indonesian embassy has to events and, in fact, a strong suggestion that it wasn't some misguided Aus activist since THE THREAT LETTER WAS WRITTEN IN INDONESIAN. I hope I don't run into Howard in the street as I really hate liars.


I actually came to administer koolaid and sacrificial scones because today marks two solid years of blogging and, despite the fact that I get less interaction than the average person who does naught but twitter on about how the friends we know nothing of are shitting them or how the shoes we have never seen are pinching their feet, I'll continue. Why? Chiefly for the process. It happens to be fulfilling to write what would once have been considered a 'super essay', with the best footnotes you could imagine. It's all about discovery. If those little browneye zero comments continue then I'll console myself with message boards and newsgroups.
This is, after all, vanity publishing on a grand scale, and as likely to be read.

Nor do we help our case by encouraging people to wander off


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