Wednesday, May 25, 2005

No one's gay for Moleman

I come down firmly on the side of Matt Groenig and the producers of The Simpsons in saying that this show hasn't lost its stripes. To me it is, far and away, the best show on television and has been since its inception.
I guess it's trendy to say that it has 'jumped the shark', that it should get out before it loses its clout and blah blah. But I can't think of another show that so successfully brings it's satirical verve to social issues while being damn funny into the process. I know I will notice the gaping hole in programming as execs try to futiley convince me that Desperate Housewives or the O.C. is worthy of similar adoration.
It is the ONLY show that I'll reroute my social life for. Not that I really have one but that's beside the point.


Anyone for tennis? This is about the only sport I've been able to get the kids into although my son has asked me to buy a soccer ball so we can have a kick around this weekend. They get frustrated with hitting it out or lobbing it into the net so we usually just have a hit around.


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