Friday, April 01, 2005

Lord, Byron

Yes I'm about to do a 'what I did on my holidays' thing. I'll do a review of the East Coast Roots and Blues Festival but I need to be home with my program guide so I don't lose track of capturing all that went on there so first my comments on the place in general:

I've been wanting to get to Byron Bay for some years and seeing that this year I could afford to attend the festival (last year I still had a car so the money went on rego and repairs) and Bo Diddley was playing, it was the perfect opportunity.
Byron is one of those lovely sunny seaside places, busy yet somehow completely unspoilt, and I felt out of place in boots, jeans and leather jacket when all the locals were wearing board shorts and not much else. We got a little too familiar with the ground as we sat on it for a large part of the day and then lie on it when we got back to the campsite late at night. I had to stop stomping at one point as my back felt sore - luckily it cleared up just as quickly.

Having missed our morning bus on Easter Monday we ended up spending our last day there in the park (again on the ground!) as we had too much stuff to lug and so didn't get to go swimming, bodysurfing or surfing. (Okay I'll 'fess up: my last experience with a surfboard was dreamily paddling away on an old foam one and my dad having to swim out and rescue me when I suddenly found I was out with the boats. Luckily he was a strong swimmer as I'm not.)

A more direct route may be the go as twelve hours on the Countrylink isn't all that comfortable. And neither is sleeping in a tent.


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