Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Felt up

Now that GWB has won, against all logic and commonsense, what is there left to say?! You'll see this column - er, blog - get less party political cos what's the use.

As a final shot across the bow for now here's a friend's more eloquent rant:

George Bush junior has just been re-elected, affirming that the most powerful and wealthy nation on earth is full of morons who don't mind having a stupid, bigotted born again godbotherer for leader, even when presented with a suitable alternative. Bill Bryson made a pertinent observation when he said a significant amount of Americans can't find the Pacific Ocean on a map, let alone make an informed choice on who should be in charge of the legislative and judicial apparatus, the military and the state department. Do most Americans want John Kerry, an intelligent, heroic peace loving war veteran with charm and intelligence and plenty of statesmanlike qualities? No they'd rather have a former cocaine snorter who is so hypocritical, if he was subjected to his own rulings he wouldn't be able to vote, let alone run for president (Bush believes those convicted of a felony should permanently lose the right to vote- its a pity he wasn't picked up for cocaine possession in his drug-using days.)

Nothing will be done about the most pressing issue to confront humankind - global warming, as it conflicts with the oil industry- as the north pole melts and the Antartica's larsen B ice shelf cracks up, as more and more marine mammals and birds turn up dead with their innards clogged with plastic, we are still fighting religious wars that should've been done away with years ago. Why is this world so fucked up?

Monday, November 01, 2004

Are you going to disappoint all these people?

You say you're Christians and you love your fellow Man yet you're willing to disappoint all these good folk
How can you be so insensitive? Aren't you even going to read their spiel? Not even a little bit of it? Damn you guys are harsh.
And don't you recall the last guy that Billy Graham stood on the stumps for?!! His initials were RMN and he didn't like you one little bit, even if you did support him.

(Personally I'd like some Right wing hack to do some research and come back with a list of groups that were active at the time in opposing the Democrat nominee of the time or, hell, even a Republican - I don't recall a Reagans Against Reagan or Cyclists Against Clinton. I only hope that these groups put their money where their mouth is come election day or it'll be a repeat of the flaccid result in Aus.)