Monday, April 23, 2018

Take out your appendix

I was writing well before I had writing praxis in a formal academic setting. Some of the theory didn't mesh with my methodology but one thing I did learn is text analysis.

Before examining the appendix you would want to know something of the construction of this text. It may be old school and you may not be able to click off and play a game or update your status but it is nonetheless multilayered.

We are looking at pages 819 to 855 of Journal of the American Musicological Society volume 70, number 3.

Title is 'Colloquy [next line] Ernst Bloch's Musical Thought'. It is a section of a (still wider) journal that looks at Ernst Bloch's musical thought through the eyes of convenors John Deathridge and Michael Gallope who write the introduction.
Five scholars take their carefully argued treatise to the fray: Beth M. Snyder, Stephen Decatur Smith, Sherry Lee, Benjamin M. Korstvedt, and Elaine Kelly. The section of the journal concludes with the appendix:selected writings by Bloch and Works Cited.

It seems only fair that philosophy students or music journalists after taking their turn at dissembling Bloch's thinking, are gracious enough to point the reader to works by Bloch himself. Image result for ernst bloch


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