Thursday, October 26, 2017

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Instead of sticking with what Alexa has deemed portals I wanted to see what the search engine brought up. One site suggested that portals could encompass anything really while another qualified a source of various ready services or information while not in itself selling something (like Amazon does). I'm not sure what the name alludes to but YoLinux have a good handle on the purpose of a portal.

I don't know whether 'internet services and products' is more encompassing even than a portal but Google is nonetheless not described as a portal whereas Yahoo, QQ, Sohu, Sina Corp, Yahoo! Japan, MSN, Naver,, FC2 and Universo Online are.
The only two websites of type 'Internet services and products' are Google and Yandex on Alexa and SimilarWeb's web rankings.

 Image result for tencent qq sohu sina


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