Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Social Cataloguing

By now you must figure that we are this deep in. I don't mind dwelling on these cybersocial aspects as they can lead us to information about a great deal more than their own constructs.

As one asked to impose order on boxes of old files and documents, I have an interest in the scholarly subdivisions that once all took place in a library. It's no coincidence that many of these bookmarks that place order on the work of others in the interest of corralling just what's out there, have bookish names: Goodreads, Knowledge Plaza, LibraryThing, weRead, Book Army, Google Books, My Library, Readgeek
(even ones that don't like Anobii and Loved.la)
Remaining close to the inward glance at scholars and librarians are the citation sites: BibSonomy, Bibster, CiteULike, Connotea, refbase, Zotero

Comic Book DB covers my special interest (at least it used to be special)

Cataloguing in the traditional sense could cover customs like setting the table or jobs like drywalling. It seems that social suggests water cooler conversations about anime, film, music, television; with places and products featured in KartMe and recipes in KeepRecipes




Finally, there's Jumper 2.0 for data and gdgt for devices

I originally only hyperlinked to those bookmarking sites I hadn't mentioned under either bookmarks or social networking but since they tend to take you straight to other sites instead of focusing overtly on themselves, it seemed good to retrace steps and add more to the mix


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