Thursday, March 10, 2016

E-con I missed

Just as it's important to play to your strengths, sometimes it is best to avoid those areas where you are weakest. I've done a bit of high school Economics but that's about it.

This layman blogger sees Qatar as a clear winner, cleaning up both the best per capita GDP and the lowest unemployment. The two don't always go hand in hand.

The presence of more of those small island dependencies (Guernsey, Gibraltar, Isle of Man) among the lowest unemployment rates could lead one to think there's a handful of people and they've all got jobs to do but then where are the others? Thailand has a population of 67 million and they've all been put to work.

India has only 3.6% unemployment and China 4.1%
Looking at raw figures, their much larger populations means that there are still a few people wandering the streets.

If a dependency is protected by the host country then that explains Jersey with 2.7% but not American Samoa.

Central African Republic has 8% unemployment, not outrageous. Whether the fact that this figure is out of date says anything.

Belarus is a landlocked country in eastern Europe and a bit of a dark horse

Djibouti Djidipi - Djibouti is 38th poorest country in the world with $3,181.68 GDP per capita but that's in the same proximity as Papua New Guinea* which already surprised us by having such a good employment record when they are still thought of as a developing country.

[*in fact it's better]

Anyone keeping tabs won't question why figures are so high in Nepal and Gaza; instability of natural or manmade causes has an effect on the job market and the industry they rely on.

Mozambique is in a worse predicament than its fellow 60 per center; seventh poorest as opposed to Djibouti's distant thirty eighth. It's the archetypal place with no jobs and no money

Bosnia And Herzegovina and Indonesia sit very close on the GDP per capita scale. Modest but not the worst.

So, as we said at the beginning, you can't draw up direct parallels to full employment and full prosperity, not without qualifications.


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