Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kings and Queens of Scotland

843-858 Kenneth MacAlpin House of Alpin
858-862 Donald I House of Alpin
862-877 Constantine I House of Alpin
877-878 Aedh House of Alpin
878-889 Eochaid House of Alpin
889-900 Donald II House of Alpin
900-943 Constantine II House of Alpin
943-954 Malcolm I House of Alpin
954-962 Indulf House of Alpin
962-966 Dubh House of Alpin
966-971 Culen House of Alpin
971-995 Kenneth II House of Alpin
995-997 Constantine III House of Alpin
997-1005 Kenneth III House of Alpin
1005-1034 Malcolm II House of Alpin
1034-1040 Duncan I House of Dunkeld
1040-1057 Macbeth House of Dunkeld
1057-1058 Lulach (The Fool) House of Dunkeld
1058-1093 Malcolm III Canmore House of Canmore
1093-1094 Donald III (Donald Bane) House of Canmore
1094 Duncan II House of Canmore
1094-1097 Donald III (Donald Bane) House of Canmore
1097-1107 Edgar House of Canmore
1107-1124 Alexander I House of Canmore
1124-1153 David I House of Canmore
1153-1165 Malcolm IV House of Canmore
1165-1214 William I House of Canmore
1214-1249 Alexander II House of Canmore
1249-1286 Alexander III House of Canmore
1286-1290 Margaret ('Maid of Norway') House of Canmore
1290-1292 Interregnum
1292-1296 John Balliol House of Balliol
1296-1306 Interregnum
1306-1329 Robert I (The Bruce) House of Bruce
1329-1371 David II House of Bruce
Aug-Dec 1332 Edward Balliol (also for periods 1333-1346) House of Balliol
1371-1390 Robert II House of Stewart
1390-1406 Robert III House of Stewart
1406-1437 James I House of Stewart
1437-1460 James II House of Stewart
1460-1488 James III House of Stewart
1488-1513 James IV House of Stewart
1513-1542 James V House of Stewart
1542-1567 Mary, Oueen of Scots House of Stewart
1567-1625 James VI (James I of England 1603-1625) House of Stuart


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