Friday, February 04, 2022

Colon eyes

It is four thousand kilometres from Botany Bay to Rockingham via Midgee. I haven't got a map to show me  how much 69.5 million hectares would encompass but it would take out the capital cities. This could be one factor as to why the majority of such forests are in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

It's 4,956 kilometres from Botany Bay to Woodleigh (the closest I could get to Dirk Hartog Island given that Google Maps isn't set up to measure how long the last part takes by speedboat or canoe.) 

There are 3,225 k's between Botany Bay and Cape York Peninsula, charted by Willem Janszoon in 1606 

3,417km to Jardine River - again accounting for the fact that no ship sails from Botany Bay to the Torres Strait Islands or, if it does, the current Web maps don't cover the journey.


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