Tuesday, September 14, 2021

You get the picture

Twelve posts about movies is sufficient. Seven television entries, ten radio broadcasts, and fifty two plus pieces on newspapers.

You can do what you like when you blog. I get emails from a service telling you how to monetise your blog and complaints and pleas from same source asking why I don't open said e-mails. Yes, marketers have subjected me to countless ways to get email lists and make a commission promoting some product on Instagram. Letting a blog have a bit of runaway narrative doesn't accord with such mercenary means.

If your interest was piqued on the subject of undiscovered drive-ins of WA, Drive-Ins Downunder can help.  

Adding a further two years charitably to the amount of time Touched By The Son has given to the arts means that we can pretend all we like that we are idiosyncratic, eccentric or eclectic; these tics and tricks have been tried before. By other bloggers just as employed in some other field than their tertiary studies might first have prepared them for or retired early on a generous super package.

This is no good for those interested in some of the hobbies we've happened upon and the end result of letting the blog take over is a bunch of dangling hyperlinks that were cool at the time, along with discoveries that have held on against the odds and the few concessions to the titans. 

The chance that Blogger and Blogspot and Tripod will continue to host individual outporings is enough to add more as each new thought pops up. I do this because social media is selective and forgetful, working on one's own webpage(s) is dependent on keeping up with the the tiresome tinkering and - most importantly - if it does survive, because it is a record of things I forget as I get older or develop a different feeling or attitude towards or as time overtakes each sentiment.


I got to hock my book on a zoom of local poets reading hosted by local bookshop RoseyRavelston Books. I read first a piece I'd published on the PK List, which is an email poetry list I'm a longstanding member of, called Border Crossing then followed it with It's Funny You Should Say That and With You In National Spirit; both from the book.


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