Saturday, September 19, 2020

Sounding board/sounding bored

While it's true that the Internet can sell you a book or provide e-Books for free, use gazettes in its research and tell you places you can read magazines, allow you to watch television - in the form of web series - and film, stream theatre and the coverage of live events in often unexpurgated form, it's no less ephemeral than radio if the site is taken down or the particular item you're looking for, removed

Web does radio. Does it ever. As searches revealed so often, you can listen to the radio stations themselves on streaming services. Superior in the sense that I can listen to the first commercial AM station I ever listened to, 6MD, or see what its FM counterpart (successor?) 6MER is all about, even though I am now 3,597.7kms from where it's located. This is something DXers could only dream of.
Indeed, the reach is formidable. If anything, the drawback is there is too much choice; making the grab for audience and advertising dollars all the more challenging.

Listeners to talk radio now have podcasts vying for their attention and music lovers can get very specific on music streaming services.  Many cover both.


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