Saturday, July 09, 2016

Product placement

Business Insider itemises those products that have become pervasive, with the sale reflective of their time in the market.

I've drunk plenty of Coke but nowhere near the amount drunk by devotees. It's inevitable with my interest in seeing what things taste like that I found myself drinking strawberry and grape Fanta in Indonesia years before they made it here. Probably the only thing I haven't consumed from CocaCola Co is their bottled water and I suppose I don't bother with diet soft drinks.

No Corolla but I did drive a Corona in a former life.

I stopped being a gamer early in the piece but my kids had a Playstation.

I know I'm also in a minority that has never played Angry Birds.

 I've ended up with Android tablet and phone but I've had no end of exposure to the iPad and the iPhone.

Lay's chips I've not consumed in the same quantity as Smith's but that would be a national distinction.

I remember one of my sisters being under the spell of Michael Jackson but, while I was relentlessly exposed to the Thriller album, I never contributed to his estate.

I can remember a Rubik's Cube in the lounge on the farm, so it made it everywhere.

The best-selling product I most identify with here is Harry Potter as my children were the perfect age to grow along with the characters and we had this immensely fun time of buying each instalment and taking turns to read. They were very good at not giving away plot points.
I made sure I read the series before I'd look at any associated item like the films


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