Sunday, September 15, 2013

Alpha bet

A is for atoms of which we're all made
B is for buttons for every brigade
C is for cast and all their aspersions
D is for derivative as well as diversion
E is for extremities ever uncovered
F is for the adjective most bothered
G is for the gold find you need to keep going
H is the hell you're always overthrowing
I is the first person you turn to at night
J is the jerk who set the place alight
K is the klepto took the other manias' drive
L can rhyme with live as much as with live
M is for the motor that runs the whole mirage
N says no we can't even take it out of the garage
O is such an optimist to think she'd have a turn
P is more practical - the proof we've yet to learn
Q is fair quixotic and querulous by degree
R is far too rarified to face a guilty plea
S is for signature, be it move or careless scrawl
T is the topic and the temper to take out to all
U is the uses to which it can be put
V is the very thing that's under foot
W for wherewithal near the end
X is appending to as 'no longer pretend'
Y is for the yacht you never bought
Z is for zero, a fancy word for nought


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