Saturday, February 09, 2013

Island, on my feet

I grew up being told that the country I lived in was the largest island and the smallest continent. We've seen how continential collaboration takes place with PNG and NZ and now we find we lose the biggest island tag as well.

The honour goes to the misleadingly titled Greenland (though I guess "Iceland" was already taken)

The second largest island is New Guinea, just to the north of us.

Third largest island is Borneo. Known for its Wild Man.

Madagascar, which has had a movie serial named after it, is the fourth largest isle.

Have you heard of Baffin? High five.

Sixth largest island that's also pretty close this part of the world, Sumatra.

Honshu sounds like it's in Japan.

Great Britain is a once empire that is also the eighth largest island on Earth.

Victoria sounds like its suffering from too many things being named after the monarch of that aforementioned empire.

Ellesmere is elsewhere, and rounds out the island ten. (and is not really elsewhere from Victoria)

[and my source for this information goes on to say that, while Australia is more defined as a continental landmass; it is in reality the largest island, being 7,618,493 sq km some five and a half thousand square kilometres larger than Greenland, but never mind]


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