Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wear and when

If it's true that clothes maketh (the) man then know that this is a tradition going back eons.
Shoes, first worn forty thousand years ago, were a more recent sartorial edition. Maybe the earlier Neantherdals had tough feet.

The earliest hat is under a little dispute since there are some sources claiming that the earliest human would have instinctively sought to cover their head. In the nineteenth century they didn't even bother to guess; they didn't know at that stage. Now we know Persians had headgear six thousand years ago and there's evidence of the wearing of a straw hat on a tomb painting in Thebes

The oldest garment  is an inside-out dress worn by a teenager.

Men have been wearing pants for six thousand years. Women have been wearing skirts for twenty two thousand years and lay claim to them being the oldest article of clothing (though it depends how you measure these things).


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