Wednesday, January 02, 2013

'11/'12 dig and delve

So another year of disasters at the global level and another year in which personally things were pretty chipper. New York City being flooded made it even harder for denialist cretins to maintain that there's nothing going on climate-wise, and the effects of the Arab Spring continued, even if Syria couldn't divest itself of its despot.

My best friend turned 50 in May and married a Spanish girl in a big Catholic cathedral on the outskirts of Valencia. I was there and so were many of the old gang, it was a brief gathering in exotic surrounds of people who, in some cases, barely see each other from one decade to the next.

My old filmwatching buddy also turned 50, though liking a shared link of Stan Lee turning 90 at the end of the year summed up our current level of interaction.

And I turned 50 in October. Didn't have as many stalwarts as were at my mate's wedding, but you get that. His fiftieth passed in preparation for the wedding.

And the Mayan calendar was a portend for nothing - apart from the aforementioned countries collapsing into debt and monster hurricanes.


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