Saturday, December 15, 2012

Time gentlemen please

These are just some of the problems that those who insist on God's word have:

  • the differing eras that various parts or aspects of Earth first appear is consistent with the chronology that you'd expect
  • the fact that a river is nowhere near as old as the mountains it flows near puts lie to the Genesis account of creation, where things are done simultaneously (even allowing for a liberal interpretation of 'days')
  • the timescale, well beyond normal human comprehension, is possible for an eternal being who is working on the supreme level; what are eons to one such as this? 
  • but then what does that do to the scale of days, if they are at the very other end of the 24 hour conception of what a day is and still state that the deity did two things that appear to be on different 'days' on the same 'day'?
  • does this mean that the Great Flood lasted something other than the forty days and forty nights we've been taught, and if so how (since it would have to scale up, way up to maintain the same definition it did for the Creation) did Noah and his family maintain the floating vessel filled with animals for an even longer period than the literal forty days?
  • otherwise is there some clear code between the Creation and the Flood that explains that the definition of 'day' has now changed and to what extent?
  • how can the phrasing in Genesis be made meaningful for those who appreciate the real scale and age of our planet?


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