Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Half life

What can I tell you about turning 50? It helps if you have family and friends around you, and I did. It helps if you get phone calls and a general increased communication.

You have to have one or two surprise guests and the day has to be nice and sunny. There has to be at least one child, one younger and one older guest. And there has to be food and drink and balloons and photos. Lots of photos.

There has to be a sense of occasion because this is the mature age when you start getting targeted for your downhill slide.

I had all the elements I could want and I got to jam a few old songs of mine. My daughter and niece were sitting together for the first time in eight years. I had my sister with me for my birthday.

How long will it take for the full ramifications of being fifty strike? I've got another week of holidays, I'll tell you after that.


At 2:42 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to mention a loving partner by your side who helped organise it all :)

At 1:47 am , Blogger Berko Wills said...

She did a fantastic job. One dedicated post coming.


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