Saturday, November 19, 2011

Race hate sites

It's been a disturbing experience dropping in on message boards where ignorant bigots come to share their views. Apart from the obvious disquiet that hatred brings, there's the blunt lack of thought that forms opinion there.

Leaving aside the morality of selecting a whole race for opprobrium, the central hypothesis - that the race they deride are primitive savages - falls apart quite readily by the sheer count of high achievers, working at the senior levels of government and industry, dominating the entertainment and sporting worlds. It is too much to explain away an actor's success on some paranoid notion of the film world being dominated by interest groups that put him in that position. As with all film stars, standing is based on popular acclaim and Box office success.

And, drug cheats notwithstanding, a record in the sprint or long jump is unarguable.


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