Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apt title

The Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth was in a band who released an album called Redneck Wonderland and I feel this epitomises the current clime. Generation Y are too close to comment but it could be time for another shake-up if the kind of reactionary cant that passes for commentary is to be dispelled.

It's probably people of my generation who are fueling the disaffection and playing into the one note of the Opposition. I don't understand it myself. For all of PM Gillard's shortcomings, they are as to nothing compared to Abbott's. At least we can apply the blowtorch to the belly with Labor, that's not possible with the federal Liberal Coalition. But it's not a general distrust for conservative politics that vexes me, it is the singular unsuitability of the current Opposition Leader to coming even close to leading our country. I remember people commenting on his nature many years before he lead the party, and it was a negative appraisal.

He already carries the burden of a history of callous gaffes, why give him the opportunity for more?


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