Saturday, April 02, 2011

Sage Undertaking


I didn't vote Green this time. I accepted that Janet Mays had the most active involvement in pursuing the course best for the Mountains and so I decided to be local.

I know there's an argument from the party to say you should give them all the support you can; that second preference won't keep the wolves at bay. But, since this is the same kind of line taken by the ALP to stop people voting Greens or independent, I doubt the Green party would want me to water down my conviction, even if it did cost them.

I like the Labor candidate too, and I accept that her old boss Koperberg was more true to his electorate than I may have proposed.

Sage may be an asset, being a member of the victorious party, but I do share some disquiet at the idea of having three tiers of conservative rule.

I like the fact that the incoming O'Farrell government have made a checklist of promises, and they understand what the priorities are through those specific undertakings.
There's reason to have some confidence when an Opposition leader promises more public service jobs, not less. Perhaps he has learnt from Peter Debnam's unpopular slash'n'burn policies, not to scare the horses. But I do get the feeling that Barry is a more temperate and moderate leader than his immediate predecessors in the Liberal Party.


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