Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm bracing for the inevitable: there will be a repeat of the federal Macquarie result where the Liberal candidate did nothing - didn't contribute to discussions and debates, didn't stand at the top of the stairs at the train station gladhanding commuters and thrusting pamphlets in their hands, didn't address any letters to the editor - and romped in regardless. Apparently my fellow Mountains folk care little whether the person they vote for is actively involved in the process, which seems rather strange. Perhaps, like me, they are more inclined to vote on party lines (or, OK, in my case, not-party lines). So I've already picked out my title for the aftermath: 'Sage Undertaking' (or, in the unlikely event that Labor is returned 'Sage Brush' as in, that was a brush with getting some arrogant toadie in power instead of a vitally interested local member.)

The lady in question, Roza Sage, is something of a Bronwyn type figure to look at. You know Barry Humphries objection to voting for Kevin Rudd because he looks like a dentist, well Roza actually is a dentist. Maybe she got tired of being hated and feared and just chose the wrong vocation.

Meanwhile, in the tradition of Labor rising through the ranks, the far more open and friendly (appearing) Trish Doyle is retiring member Phil Koperberg's head of staff.
The Greens are running former councillor Kerrin O’Grady.
Another - very active - councillor Janet Mays is running as an independent meaning that, yes, it is an all female field yet again (if you don't count the Christian Democratic Party candidate Merv Cox, and I don't).

Postscript: I take that back about Roza Sage: she was at our train station this morning, the eve of the election, along with our former federal Liberal member, Kerry Bartlett.

In other news - so assured is the routing of the ALP in this state that there is a forum scheduled for Monday in 'the wake of their defeat', despite it not being election day til tomorrow! 


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