Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What's left

I'm bucking trends by saying I had a good year. Some things didn't work out. But there was a great deal of promise opened up that wasn't necessarily there at the start of the year.

Although I appear combative on this blog, I wasn't hunting out right wing blogs when I stumbled on the Macho Response on the main Blogger update page. I've been trying to show that the left can keep their heads but the neocon blogs still berate me for questioning their assumptions.

It makes me realise why all those dry as dust tomes passed my eyes - it was fodder to take the fight to the right.
That's been done successfully in Australia and the US. A couple of close allies fell to the right, showing some equilibrium.

It helps when your guy is more articulate. We can only take so much pulpit bullying.

But it is getting tedious as the right wingers I've been dealing with just snap back to their original positions without processing what you've just told them. They're smart - at presenting their worldview - but are as blocked as the woo cults they berate.

As for 2009. I plan to be positive and live and thrive on a situation I'd been waiting for for some time.


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