Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thankyou for letting me be: MySpace again

[with apologies to Sly]

My upper story colleague at work was telling me that she bought a textbook on WEB 2.0 and, as usual, I've spent more time on the front end of the technology exploring the social networking sites. This has meant everything from posting my own work to catching up on a range in time and space of music acts. This is the thing that I gain most from MySpace - the samples of the most popular Andrews, the snatches of genre, the fossils scraped clean.

Facebook is good for quizzes and for finding people you haven't seen in person for thirty years. I found some Immigration colleagues (early nineties) and hometown neighbours (1962-1991 but not really as '91 was the last time I was on the farm with the family after travelling up from Perth and having lived in Sydney and Brisbane; I had two infants by that stage so it was a decade on, I suppose 1982)
and the network spreads as your first girlfriend tells you she is good friends with one of the kids you went to school with. What are the odds?

I stopped short of Bebo as I thought I had sufficient email accounts, blogs, and social networking noms de guerre to keep me going for some time.

My website hosting and URL both come up for renewal so I find myself veering that way more and more. Especially as I think I'll soon be ready to complete Drink It Black.


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