Saturday, November 29, 2008

Punned it

I wonder if my love of punning has led to punishment has brought me banishment is this the way you treat my verse taking turns at staying terse just because I'm always rhyming and loathe to once destroy the timing will you deny me fleeting rhythms to punctuate my every ism it's in the way the tale gets told the toast gets cold and the subject gets old and we'll only bless the boasting once we'll drop the subject on a punt

It's all conjecture now of course after shouting the bar shout yourself hoarse more dissing with each discourse

Wiser when wizened smarter then smuttier shirtier and flirtier in turn

Groping for a greeting card platitude a smart dressed casual attitude compressing expressing gratitude

Sure of yourself at keeping invaders at bay conflict on the horizon of this o cay


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